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WHAT motiongraphics
title Overvecht zo tussen '64 en '76
FOR WHOM Renée Kool
WHEN 2008
Artist Renée Kools film; Overvecht zo tussen '64 en '76 depicts the beginnings of a Dutch neighbourhood as it was developed from the early 1960's onwards. The film is not a documentary, but rather a poetic reconstruction of the future, as seen at that time. Through the collecting of stories, documents and photographs from the original inhabitants, through diving into archives, and by an extremely precise cinematic rebuilding of the neighbourhood using 3D modelling, Kool vividly revives this era.
Quotes were an important element in the narrative, and I was asked to design both these texts and the beginning and end titles. Keeping in mind that they should comfortably fit within the era portrayed namely between 1964 and 1976 led to the choice of colours (petrol and ochre) and font (Clarendon)

Below some examples of the titles and texts: